Province proposes opening up grizzly bear hunt in two more areas

The provincial government is proposing to open up grizzly hunting in two areas where it is now banned.

The province wants to expand the grizzly hunt next season into the Kootenays and the Cariboo.

Both areas previously hosted grizzly bear hunts in the past.

SFU biologist Kyle Artelle says past experience in these areas shows that opening the hunt again is too risky.

“We told them one way to address risk is reduce or eliminate the hunt. Instead, we find a few weeks later the government doing the opposite and proposing to extend,” he says. “The Kootenays is a higher risk region, with the most overkills including overkills of females. This was an area of high concern so surprising to see a proposal to expand this area.”

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To give your input into the proposed changes to the grizzly hunt, click here (Please note: you must register for an account first to leave a comment on the government’s website)

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