List of vanity licence plates rejected by ICBC

ICBC building in North Vancouver.
ICBC building in North Vancouver. Flickr

A Freedom of Information request by the Canadian Taxpayer Federation has revealed a list of more than 2,000 vanity licence plates rejected by ICBC for various reasons.

Jordan Bateman with the Taxpayer Federation says their Prairie director, Colin Craig, posted an FOI’d list of all vanity licence plate requests rejected by Manitoba’s public auto insurer this past summer, so he thought it would be a good idea to do the same for B.C.

“We do FOI requests all the time,” says Bateman. “I had a laugh at some of the things in there.”

The licence plates are rejected for a number of reasons, ranging from offensive to suggestive to speeding and racing related.

ICBC spokesperson, Adam Grossman, tells Global News in an email that “we will not issue personalized licence plates that combine letters and numbers in a way that may be interpreted as vulgar, indecent or offensive to anyone. A few types of slogans that are unacceptable are those that conflict with a current regular plate series, slogans with religious or sexual overtones, or those that promote illegal, crude, alcohol or speed/racing-related connotations.”

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Some of the rejected plates include:






– 9999NY

– RIP 666

– 00001

Full list of rejected licence plates

Bateman says he was surprised at some of the rejected plates, but others are very obvious as to why they were not allowed.

Grossman says “on average, we issue about 2,600 personalized licence plates a year and there are approximately 100,000 personalized licence plates in the province.”

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