Dog attacks Good Samaritan in south Edmonton

Click to play video: 'Dog attacks good samaritan in Summerside area'
Dog attacks good samaritan in Summerside area
A man trying to do a good deed in southeast Edmonton was attacked by a dog last Friday. The bite was so severe, the victim required reconstructive surgery on his arm. Sarah Ryan reports. – Dec 11, 2023

WARNING: The details in this story are graphic and may disturb some readers.

A father and son who pulled over to help save a young puppy running loose on the road in south Edmonton were in for the shock of their lives minutes later, when the son was attacked by another dog.

The pair were driving in the Summerside neighbourhood when they jumped into action.

“Drove down the road and there’s this dog, a little puppy dog, there so I stopped,” explained Calvin Powers.

“[Wesley] got out, picked it up and went and knocked on a couple doors.”

Calvin said his son Wesley Powers tried two houses with no luck, and as he walked up the driveway of the third home, chaos broke out.

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They say he dropped the puppy as another dog suddenly rushed him.

“It was in the house and it just came barreling through the screen door,” Wesley said.

He was bitten, but didn’t realize how bad his injuries really were. He said it happened so quickly he was in shock.

Wesley ran back to his dad’s car, around the corner.

“He came out holding his arm, blood dripping off his hand and stuff. He said he got bit by the dog and he’s white as a sheet, so I just headed to the hospital,” Calvin recalled.

“I lift my shirt up and my muscles were hanging out and my tendons were hanging out,” Wesley explained.

The bite was so serious he required surgery.

“They put my muscle from my wrist back to my elbow and my tendons back from where they were bit off I guess, attached them back to my fingers.”

Wesley has to wear his cast for six weeks, then undergo an estimated three months of physiotherapy. But he says doctors have already warned him his hand may never be the same.

“Dogs like that shouldn’t be in a residential area if they’re that aggressive,” Wesley said.

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“There’s a bunch of kids around that area and there’s schools and there’s daycares and stuff like that. They shouldn’t have dogs like that there.”

Click to play video: 'Multiple women say they were attacked by a dog in northeast Edmonton'
Multiple women say they were attacked by a dog in northeast Edmonton

In response to the incident, Animal Care & Control issued a dog attack ticket, as well as three additional dog-related tickets to the owner.

“Furthermore, we are seeking a Dangerous Dog Act (DDA) order for the dog based on the severity of the incident and previous history,” the statement from the City of Edmonton read.

The Dangerous Dog Act order would see the case go before a judge, who could find that the dog should be euthanized.

“The pet owner has been uncooperative and has informed officers that the dog is no longer in Alberta. Despite this challenge, we remain committed to pursuing justice for the victim,” the statement read.

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Calvin said he doesn’t blame the dog and doesn’t want to see it put down.

“I don’t know, I don’t think it’s a breed of dog, but I think it’s the way they’re trained by the people.”

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