Vassy Kapelos

Ottawa Bureau Chief & Host of The West Block

Global National’s Ottawa Bureau Chief and Host of The West Block, Vassy Kapelos has been passionate about current events for as long as she can remember.

Kapelos was involved in exposing former Premier Redford’s former Chief of Staff’s severance, a fight that resulted in a change of government policy and new rules for reporting income to the public. She also worked on Global’s series facing the lack of treatment Canadians are receiving for their eating disorders.

Before moving to Ottawa, Kapelos worked at Global News Edmonton. Prior to working with the Edmonton news team, Kapelos lived in Saskatchewan covering elections and provincial budgets at Global News Saskatoon.

Kapelos has a degree from the University of Western Ontario and an MA from Dalhousie University, both in political science. She has studied Canadian and South American politics extensively. Her master’s thesis focused on the debt crisis in Argentina and she has published work on counter-insurgency efforts in Colombia.

Most recently, Kapelos was on the scene when Canadians expressed shock at the unprecedented attack on Parliament in Ottawa that left two dead, many in lockdown and heightened security across the country.

Kapelos has won numerous awards and accolades. In 2013, she received the Edward R. Murrow award for Best News Series for Code Red. She avidly hosts and moderates panels for organizations that have included the Government Relations Institute of Canada, United Nations Association of Canada, Alberta Enterprise Group, Trudeau Foundation and Canadian International Council.

In her downtime, Kapelos enjoys spending time with friends, family and her PVR, baking, reading and avoiding exercise.

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