• Radon levels higher than recommended in 37% of Halifax homes tested in 2019
    Approximately 16 per cent of all lung cancers in the country can be attributed to radon gas exposure, the Nova Scotia Lung Association says.
    Oct 29, 2020
  • Radon testing shows elevated levels in 1 in 7 Hamilton homes
    'For those that have never been smokers, it is the leading cause of lung cancer.'
    Nov 16, 2020
  • What you should know about radon gas
    There could be a potentially deadly killer in your home that you might not know about.
    Jul 9, 2017
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  • Dangerous radon levels prevalent in a third of Saskatchewan homes
    The Lung Association says radon exposure is the second leading cause of lung cancer next to smoking.
    Feb 11, 2020
  • Public Health warns of radon levels after high numbers recorded in several Kingston-area homes
    Public health officials say more than one in five homes tested showed high levels of radon, a potentially harmful radioactive gas.
    Aug 12, 2019
  • Short-term radon kits not effective for testing in homes: University of Calgary study
    “We need to know exactly what factors influence high and low radon in Canadian homes."
    Dec 4, 2019
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  • Is there too much radon in your home? Only 6 per cent of Canadians test for dangerous gas
    Radon gas is colourless and odourless but over time, it can prove deadly. Health Canada is working to increase public awareness of the danger, but is it enough?
    Jul 9, 2017
  • Radon gas can seep into home, cause lung cancer
    It's a naturally occurring radioactive gas that can seep through cracks and crevices in houses and other enclosed spaces — and can cause lung cancer.
    Nov 24, 2014
  • Hastings Prince Edward Public Health offering free radon kits during study
    The public health unit is handing out 850 radon tests for free in the Hastings and Prince Edward region.
    Nov 4, 2019
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  • WDG Public Health hosting a radon and lung cancer information session
    Public Health encourages residents to test their homes for radon gas.
    Oct 31, 2018
  • Peterborough Public Health to hold radon information session
    Up to 50 participants in the session will receive a free radon test kit.
    Jan 11, 2019
  • Cancer society sounds alarm about radon in Manitoba homes
    Manitoba has the highest levels of radon in the country. Radon is colourless, odourless and tasteless -- but it can kill you.
    Nov 12, 2013
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  • Nova Scotia invests $30,000 to cut the waiting list for radon detectors in half
    Radon is odourless, colourless and is linked to an increased risk of developing lung cancer.
    Nov 21, 2019
  • Regina may have the most radon-exposed population in the world: researcher
    The Prairies have the second highest radon levels in the world, behind only Poland, according to new research that shows the story gets worse for Saskatchewan, and worse again in Regina. 
    Feb 18, 2020
  • Why you should test your home for radon gas
    Radon poisoning is the number two cause of fatal lung cancer accounting for 16 per cent of lung cancer, according to the Lung Association of Ontario.
    Sep 18, 2014
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  • Health Canada, Saskatchewan health groups warn residents about dangers of radon
    Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in Canada and Saskatchewan is a hot spot.
    Nov 26, 2018
  • Sales of radon testing kits skyrocket in New Brunswick after Health Canada campaign
    Radon gas is the number one cause of lung cancer for non-smokers and it can often seep into homes undetected. 
    Jan 29, 2020
  • Free radon test kits available in Summerland
    Summerland Healthy Community Initiative is hosting an awareness information session on radon gas.
    Nov 19, 2019
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  • Salmon Arm hosting information session about radon
    Session will take place on Monday evening at Okanagan College in Salmon Arm.
    Jan 12, 2019