May 13, 2014 10:53 pm

Concerns about blue box changes

Global News

VERNON– Changes are coming to many curbside recycling programs around the province on Monday.

Some Vernon residents believe the new system is a step back that will be a hassle for seniors and create a big mess.

The city’s blue bag recycling program run by the regional district will soon be replaced by Multi-Material BC’s blue boxes.

The changes come in conjunction with new provincial regulations and a new recycling collection system across most of B.C.

It will shift some of the costs of recycling from government to business, but it also means changes for local residents.

Some seniors are concerned about the weight of the new bins, especially when they’re full.

Vernon City Councillor Catherine Lord has asked staff to keep an eye on the issue and see how much of a problem the bins pose for seniors.

Lord adds that if the new system proves too problematic the city may have to lobby Victoria for changes.


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