May 8, 2014 9:00 pm

WATCH: Recycling rule changes reduce property taxes

Some of the rules for recycling in the central Okanagan are changing with residents soon noticing it at the curbside and at the depots.

New items acceptable to put in the residential recycling bins include empty aerosol cans, paper coffee cups and plastic coated cartons such as Tetra-Pak containers.

However, plastic bags and wrap will have to be taken to the depots for recycling.

The depots will also start accepting styrofoam.

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“The other big change at depots is residents are going to have to do a little more sorting than they’re accustomed to,” says regional district Waste Reduction Facilitator Cynthia Coates.

The changes come in conjunction with new provincial regulations that shift some of the costs of recycling packaging and printed paper from government to business.

“Central Okanagan local governments are going to realize, through cost avoidances and revenue streams, about $3.5 million per year. That will directly result in reductions in taxes and utility bills for local residents,” says Peter Rotheisler, the district’s Environmental Services Manager.

Rotheisler estimates savings of about $55 per year per household.

The recycling rule changes take effect May 19.

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