April 28, 2014 12:46 pm

Mike’s Monday Outlook: try to see the sunny side

Rain, wind, clouds -- there's a little of everything in Winnipeg's five-day forecast, but not a lot of a sun.

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We can’t have it all. It’s windy or it’s rainy or it’s just not warm enough. Pick your spring symptom, we’ll get it.

Before looking at the weekly forecast, try to see it as a positive. It’s already worked out better than it could have . Last week it looked like Winnipeg could get more than double the rain that’s expected today. As it turns out, rain will be fairly light. The wind will be more noticeable than anything else to start the week.

That said, the week never really clears up. For people who got a deal at the bike auction over the weekend, conditions are still sub-par. When it’s sunny, it’s windy. If the winds aren’t so strong, we could get some rain. And all week long temperatures will be below normal.

This week our best and worst days come back to back. Monday has the rain and the wind with temperatures barely warming up during the day. Tuesday looks to be as good as it gets. Sunny, double-digit temperatures (barely) — but it’s likely to be another windy one.

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