April 22, 2014 2:32 pm

Teachers strike Central Okanagan

CENTRAL OKANAGAN — Some B.C. Schools are cancelling recess but it doesn’t appear to be an issue in the Central Okanagan.

Wednesday marks the beginning to stageone of job action by B.C. Teachers in their ongoing dispute with the Liberal government.

That means teachers will stop carrying out duties that are considered “non-essential” including supervision during recess.

The lack of supervision has prompted some school districts to cancel recess but that’s not expected to happen in the Central Okanagan.

“That’s not our call,” says the president of the Central Okanagan Teacher’s Association, Susan Bauhart. “It’s the call of the administration, but I don’t believe it’s necessary.”

Bauhart says other duties such as filling out report cards will continue.

BC teachers issued 72-hour strike notice last week.

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