April 16, 2014 1:55 pm

Young Saskatchewan entrepreneur gives back with dog business

Watch above: a young entrepreneur has turned a desire to help rescue dogs into a business

MARTENSVILLE, Sask. – Maizie Bowkowy is likely Martensville’s youngest entrepreneur. What started out as a desire to help rescued dogs in Saskatchewan is now a successful business enterprise.

She decided to create “Doggy Naps,” custom-made dog beds for man’s best friend. For every three purchased from the company, Bowkowy donates one to rescued dogs at We All Need a Rescue K9 Rescue (WANAR).

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She personally visits the rescue facility and bonds with the dogs during donation trips. On her most recent visit, Bowkowy donated 43 handmade beds.

“There’s 50,000 dogs rescued every year in Canada and I think they deserve a bed to curl up on after everything they’ve been through,” said Bowkowy.

Demand for the beds continues to rise. With the help of her family, Bowkowy sews and sells the beds out of the home’s garage. Beds are available at Doggy Naps, and range in price from $40 to $80, depending on the size and material used.

“I use really soft nice fabric for the outside and the inside there’s cedar chips to make it smell good so it won’t smell bad at all. That goes with our really nice soft filling inside,” said Bowkowy.

Bowkowy’s original goal was for every dog at WANAR to have its own bed; she’s just over 20 shy of accomplishing this. Next, the family-based business plans to expand its donations to other animal charities and rescues.

There’s a social enterprise movement going on,” said Tim Bergen, Bowkowy’s uncle.

“If you can make an enterprise that employs people but gives something back to the world, that’s wonderful.”

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