April 8, 2014 8:47 pm

Saskatoon residents embrace warm weather


Watch above: people were soaking in the warmth in Saskatoon on Tuesday

SASKATOON – With warmer temperatures finally hitting Saskatoon, residents are flocking to outdoor patios and golf courses wanting to soak up the sun.

Cold drinks, shorts, golf and outdoor patios are just a few things Saskatonians may think about as temperatures nearly reached the 20s on Tuesday.

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After one of the coldest winters in about two decades, there was a feeling of relief as the mercury shot up to plus 18, the warmest day in Saskatoon since October.

The feeling of spring had people taking to patios opening up in the city.

“We wait all winter for the chance to be able to open up our patio,” said said Phil Eagle, Hudsons Canadian Tap House assistant manager.

“These winters are so long here in the city so when we get a chance to really set up this patio, its ok, now its spring, let’s do this.”

The snow is nearly all gone in most places.

Last year most golf courses couldn’t open until early May. Moonlake Golf and Country Club is hoping with mother nature on its side, customers can tee off this weekend.

“This weekend and last week the phones started to ring, a lot of people wondering when we’re going to open, when’s the range going to be going; getting the itch,” said Mike Doherty.

While temperatures soared Tuesday, they’re expected to drop back down to normal for the rest of the week in the Bridge City.

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