February 6, 2014 12:32 pm

Fake Rob Ford Facebook ‘Look Back’ video highlights infamous moments

Toronto City Mayor Rob Ford (left) takes on professional wrestler Hulk Hogan in an arm-wrestling match to promote Fan Expo in Toronto on Friday August 23, 2013 .


TORONTO – Facebook’s latest video feature, dubbed “Look Back,” has undoubtedly been flooding your newsfeed since it was launched to celebrate Facebook’s tenth anniversary on Tuesday.

Filled with images of your friends’ most “liked” and memorable moments, the video time-capsules may be wearing on your patience – but there is one more Look Back that you might want to check out.

A YouTube user has created Toronto Mayor Rob Ford his very own look back, chronicling all of Ford’s most infamous and quotable moments.

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Moments that made the cut:

The widely circulated image of Ford outside of an alleged crack house at 15 Windsor Road in Etobicoke.

The infamous “I’ve got more than enough to eat at home,” quote.

An image of the mayor and Hulk Hogan arm wrestling.

This quote: “I made mistakes, I drank too much, I smoked some crack some time. What can I say? I made a mistake, I’m human,” which according to the video received 1,254,351 likes on Facebook.

And, of course, lots of football images.

The video, uploaded by YouTube user Tom Kucy, lends an interesting look back at some of Ford’s gaffes throughout his time as mayor.

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