January 23, 2014 11:36 am

WATCH: Kimmel, Letterman, Stewart take shots at Rob Ford

TORONTO – American late night television took another run at Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Wednesday night.

David Letterman chimed into the wise crack parade with a Top Ten list two days after a video emerged on YouTube of Ford rambling profanely in Jamaican patois inside a Toronto restaurant.

The segment was titled, Top ten things Rob Ford might have been saying  and was followed by quips such as, “Welcome to my office,” “This is my final cry for help,” and “Where’s your crack smoking section.”

Meanwhile across the television dial, Jimmy Kimmel poked fun at the media circus surrounding Ford at city hall on Wednesday by creating his own meme called “Rob Fording.”

Daily Show host Jon Stewart also jumped into the Jamaican patois foray with a quick line of his own.

“Canada has two official languages and I believe that was neither of them,” he said.

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