Global National: March 29

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith is being accused of interfering in legal cases after a recording was released of her phone conversation with Artur Pawlowski, a controversial Calgary street pastor facing criminal charges for his involvement in the 2022 Coutts border blockade. What was said on the tape, the reaction, and the damage control Smith is executing ahead of the Alberta election. Only three months into 2023, and already, 13 young people have died in Alberta's child welfare system. The concerns about this troubling trend, and how one woman is fighting to get custody of her own daughter, before the girl becomes the next grim statistic. Many Canadians are struggling with the cost of living. What the federal budget could mean for inflation. There are renewed concerns about the health of Pope Francis. Why he's been hospitalized. Scientists say a gamma-ray burst from October 2022 may be the "brightest one of all time" (BOAT), with the blast being so powerful, it blinded space equipment. How the cosmic explosion occurred, and what it could signify for future scientific studies. Plus: oh, behave! The Dutch government's new ad campaign aimed at a certain group of tourists.