Global National: March 28

The federal government released its 2023 budget, with the centrepiece focused around what Ottawa is calling a "grocery rebate," though Canadians can spend it on anything they want. The Liberals also aimed to set the country on its "green path to the future" with clean energy announcements made, while shoring up Canada's fiscal foundation for a potential slowdown of the economy. The big takeaways of the budget, and the political strategizing Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland had to navigate. Plus, Freeland speaks on how a potential recession could play out. Reaching Canada's net-zero emissions target is a key focus of the 2023 federal budget, with billions of dollars in tax credits being available to companies currently in the clean technology sector. How some Alberta energy industry entrepreneurs are calling for more government support in making the transition to green tech. A Quebec provincial police officer was killed on Monday night after being called to intervene in a dispute in an apartment building where the suspect was allegedly uttering threats. The suspect allegedly attacked the female police officer during the arrest. It's reported the officer then fell from the second story of the building and later died in the hospital. The suspect was fatally shot by two additional officers who arrived at the scene. The mourning of what the town's mayor is calling a "tragic" event. And, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu agreed to a monthlong delay of his controversial judicial reforms, calming some tensions in Israel after months of protests. But democracy advocates say the deal was negotiated in bad faith. Crystal Goomansingh reports from Tel Aviv, Israel, on the political disarray within the country.