Global National: Jan. 31

The federal government has released new national standards for long-term care homes after COVID-19 ravaged these facilities. What the new guidelines are, and why they're not mandatory. Toxic drugs are to blame for the deaths of at least 2,272 people in British Columbia in 2022, according to the province's coroners service. The demographics of the findings, and what some people are saying the province needs to do as it begins its illicit drug decriminalization pilot project. Nationwide protests are unfolding in France over President Emmanuel Macron's proposal to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64. Why he's defending the plan, the battle he faces in pushing the changes through, and how France's current policy compares to other European countries. Also, punished for having fun: the young couple in Iran sentenced to prison for dancing. Plus, kids, teenagers, and concussions: the new study suggesting a different and faster way to recover. And how Sweden's road to reconciliation is getting help from an Indigenous elder in Winnipeg.