Global National: Nov. 29

RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki has now confirmed the force is investigating possible "interference in democratic processes" in Canada. Global News first broke the story about allegations of Chinese interference in the 2019 Canadian federal election. How Lucki's revelation came in a letter to the House of Commons committee studying claims of foreign meddling. Alberta Premier Danielle Smith has given her first throne speech, introducing the Alberta Sovereignty Within a United Canada Act. What the controversial proposal means, how Smith has modified it since her UCP leadership campaign, and how her announcement ties to the looming provincial election campaign. More than 2,200 plants, animals, fish, and other wildlife in Canada are at some level of risk of extinction, according to a troubling new report. The findings, which species are most at risk, and whether reversing the trend is realistic. Also, what's fuelling calls to reopen the sex abuse investigation into former fashion executive Peter Nygård. Plus, the two veterans who became police officers and created a life-changing program to help military comrades in crisis. And it's not quite double trouble yet: the two neighbouring volcanoes erupting on Hawaii's Big Island, but not causing concern.