Global National: August 11

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland is now hoping to unseal the search warrant on former president Donald Trump's Florida estate. The potential implications if the warrant is publicized, and how much time Trump has to challenge the request. Staff at Ontario's hospitals say they're being pushed to the brink, but Health Minister Sylvia Jones won't call this a crisis. What front-line workers say needs to happen. Ontario media personality and real estate agent Joti Singh Mann has been brutally assaulted in the driveway of his Brampton home. How his mother is being credited with saving his life from a group of axe- and machete-wielding attackers. From state of the art to shredded apart: Global News gets rare access inside the world's largest cargo plane destroyed by Russia's war in Ukraine. The efforts to rebuild Antonov AN-225 Mriya. And remembering the Edmonton Oilers' biggest little fan: the emotional goodbyes to six-year-old Ben Stetler, and how he became a bright light for hockey fans of all stripes.