Global National: May 19

There is political upheaval in Alberta, as the province deals with the aftermath of Premier Jason Kenney's plan to step down as leader of the United Conservative Party -- what's in store for his political future and his duties, with his party now divided. We also look at what Kenney's departure means for the federal Conservatives and their own supporters, as their tense leadership race continues. The federal government is also shutting out Huawei, banning its technology from operation within the country's 5G network. Why Ottawa's decision over the Chinese tech giant took this long, amid long-standing concerns over potential threats to national security. Public health concerns are also cropping up in Canada, as more suspected cases of monkeypox appear worldwide -- we look at what we know and don't know about the rare virus. And there is royalty up north, as Prince Charles and Camilla travel to the Northwest Territories, to learn more of Indigenous communities and reconciliation, on the last leg of their Canadian trip.