Inaugural Trent Day spotlights the moment Trent became a university

Friday April 9th is the first ever "Trent Day", recognizing a critical day in 1963 when a long-supported community dream graduated to becoming an official university. It was the fall of 1964, when Trent University welcomed its first students, but that could have never happened with the signing of the Trent University Act in April of 1963. It meant the school could grant degrees. It was a huge undertaking for the community at that time, but it was the community’s vision as well, along with local industry, and the late Tom Symons, Trent’s founding president and campaign lead. We look into the deep connection of an engaged city along with Quaker Oats, Canadian General Electric and founding Trent University president Tom Symons, all as we don Trent University Green & White for the first ever “Trent Day”.