• 'Mini-moon' set to join Earth might be a rock — or something more
    Some astronomers suspect the potential 'mini-moon' was built on Earth many years ago.
    Sep 22
  • Cancel Armageddon: Asteroid unlikely to hit Earth before U.S. election
    NASA says there is only a 0.41 per cent chance that the asteroid will fall to Earth ahead of the U.S. presidential election.
    Aug 24
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  • Car-sized asteroid passed Earth by a cosmic hair — and NASA missed it
    The asteroid passed within 3,000 kilometres of Earth, which is about the distance from Toronto to Vancouver.
    Aug 19
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  • Meteor shower alert: How to watch the 2020 Perseids at their peak
    Get your wishes ready, because the Perseids offer the best chance to see a shooting star in 2020.
    Aug 11
  • 'Extraterrestrial' fireball explodes in the sky over Tokyo
    Witnesses reported hearing a loud roar after the early-morning meteor lit up the sky over Tokyo.
    Jul 6
  • A football field-sized asteroid just missed Earth. No one saw it coming
    The asteroid is similar in size to the supposed 'city killer' that surprised astronomers last year.
    Jun 15
  • Dashcam captures 'fireball' over Metro Vancouver in broad daylight
    "Meteorite sightings increase during the vernal equinox ... so spring season is actually peak fireball season."
    May 1
  • Apparent meteor seen streaking across the night sky in Calgary, Banff
    "I sat and watched it about 20 times going, 'What is that?'"
    Feb 19
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  • NASA has 'no concerns' that 'planet-killer' asteroid will hit Earth
    A kilometre-wide asteroid is scheduled to whip past Earth on Feb. 15, according to NASA.
    Feb 13
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  • Meteor streaking across Saskatoon caught on video
    A meteor was spotted entering the atmosphere above Saskatoon on Saturday night.
    Dec 30, 2019