Maple Syrup

  • Quebec Maple Syrup Producers report average season after record 2020
    Quebec produces nearly three-quarters of the global maple syrup supply.
    Jun 2
  • Summerland’s Maple Roch gives back to one of their own
    "They have turned a hopeless situation into hope and they have given me the greatest gift there is."
    May 9
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  • Weather cuts Ontario maple syrup season short
    Producers across the province say they're seeing some of their worst maple syrup crops in almost a decade.
    Apr 9
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  • Woman accidentally sets field, swamp on fire while making maple syrup in Minnesota
    A Minnesota woman was trying to boil maple syrup over a fire when the wind picked up, police said.
    Apr 8
  • Mild weather lends to darker maple syrup production and possible shortage of some products
    Unseasonably mild weather could shorten the maple syrup season and lend to product shortages.
    Mar 23
  • Ontario maple syrup season off to a slow start
    Around the province, trees have been tapped and the sap used to make maple syrup has been slowly flowing.
    Mar 15
  • Summerland’s Maple Roch taps into sweet Canadian tradition
    "There is so much food and so many opportunities that can be explored and this is just one of them."
    Mar 14
  • Maple syrup season underway in Quebec
    Ninety per cent of Canada's 131 million pounds in maple syrup exports comes from Quebec maple syrup regions.
    Mar 10
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  • Whitby man trades Canadian maple syrup for football scarves
    He's not travelling right now, yet Daniel Robertson's collection of international football scarves has expanded over the past few months.
    Mar 4
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  • Maple syrup industry sounds alarm over new Quebec lumber policy
    Quebec produces 72% of the world's supply of maple syrup.
    Dec 20, 2020

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