Manned Soyuz spacecraft docks with ISS

The Russian Soyuz MS-11 spacecraft with its crew from several nations including Canadian David Saint-Jacques, successfully docks with the International Space Station.

Russia’s Soyuz rocket fails, makes safe emergency landing

Russian authorities have launched a criminal investigation after a Soyuz rocket booster fault, minutes into the mission, forced a flight to the International Space Station to be aborted. Russian Cosmonaut Alexey Ovchinin and American Astronaut Nick Hague landed safely, but the timing of the next mission featuring Canadian Astronaut David Saint-Jacques is now unsure. Redmond Shannon reports

New astronauts arrive at ISS

A space capsule carrying astronauts from Russia, Japan and the U.S. arrived at the International Space Station Saturday morning.

First talking astronaut robot onboard the ISS

The first humanoid robot in space has performed its first mission at the International Space Station - holding a series of conversations with a Japanese astronaut and keeping him company.

ISS Ammonia Leak Prompts Spacewalk Preps

Aboard the International Space Station a leak of ammonia coolant was detected on May 9, coming from a location on the station's P6 truss. The crew is not in danger, and the station continues to operate normally otherwise