McGuinty says hearings a partisan attack

Ontario's privacy watchdog says testimony by Dalton McGuinty's former chief of staff about the need to delete government emails was "misleading and a misinterpretation of the facts."

PCs, NDP don’t believe Liberal Don Guy

Dalton McGuinty's former chief of staff and long-time Liberal campaign director is denying Opposition accusations he was behind decisions to cancel gas plants in Oakville and Mississauga.

McGuinty to testify at mall collapse probe

Former Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty is expected to testify at the judicial inquiry into last summer's deadly collapse of a mall, The Canadian Press has learned.

What politicians, observers make of McGuinty’s resignation

Former Premier Dalton McGuinty officially stepped down Wednesday amid an ongoing controversy about cancelled gas plants in Mississauga and Oakville. And the kind words from opposition politicians, which are generally reserved for departing politicians, were hard to find.