Celebrations Dinner Theatre shutting down after 25 years

Celebrations Dinner Theatre is closing after 25 years.
Celebrations Dinner Theatre is closing after 25 years.

The show is over at Celebrations Dinner Theatre – permanently.

After 25 years, the theatre announcing it is closing for good.

In a statement to Global News, owner of Act Three Entertainment Inc. Bob Cunningham says due to increasing cost of goods, wages, rising interest rates, and pandemic debt, the theatre cannot carry on.

He says Celebrations was able to survive multiple recessions, a financial crisis, and a pandemic, but it was finally too much to bear.

“For the entirety of this time span, profits remained small and infrequent, with as many years ending in a loss as those that ended in a meagre profit,” Cunningham said.

“All the while we thought that someday perhaps we could build the client base to the point where the profits would become more worthwhile and more consistent. We have now reached the conclusion that this is never likely to be the case.”

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This comes just days after 33 theatre workers went on strike claiming they were offered minimum wage.

Jeff Traeger, President of UFCW Local 832 says it’s a sad day for the workers.

“It’s shameful that the business model for Celebrations didn’t account for paying employees a fair wage or offering them any benefits, and the employer chose to close their doors instead of treating their employees with the respect they deserve,” Traeger said in a statement.

The theatre says all guests with paid tickets booked will receive a full refund.


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