‘Much more than a resident’: Pika the river otter passes away at Ecomuseum Zoo

Pika the river otter is seen in this undated photo from the Ecomuseum Zoo. Ecomuseum Zoo/Facebook

Pika, a river otter  that had been living at the Ecomuseum Zoo in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, has passed away.

Zoo officials made the announcement in a press release on Thursday.

Pika, who was born in the wild, came to live at the zoo in 2016 after narrowly escaping a tragic fate.

Officials said she had been captured and was destined for the fur trade.

“Pika’s story stands as a compelling testament to our commitment to animal well-being and providing a home for animals that cannot be returned to the wild,” the zoo said.

While Pika’s exact age was unknown, the press release states she was likely of “an advanced age” at the time of her death.

Her caregivers at the zoo said the animal had been exhibiting worrying signs of late and were concerned for her wellbeing.

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Pika, however, suffered a cardiac arrest during her veterinary examination, which had been done under anesthesia.

“Despite our team’s relentless efforts to revive her, Pika left us,” the release reads.

While the zoo admitted the risk of cardiac arrest is present during medical procedures, the examination was necessary, as maintaining Pika’s wellbeing was the top priority.

Her passing, has left a void at the ecomuseum.

According to staff, she delighted visitors and spread joy and wonder.

“Pika was much more than a resident animal at our zoo,” said David Rodrigue, the Ecomuseum Zoo’s executive director.

“She was an ambassador of our mission, an important vehicle for raising awareness, and a constant reminder of the fragility of our ecosystem and the need to protect our biodiversity.”

Part of the ecomuseum’s mission is to take in animals that can’t be released back into the wild either because they were injured, orphaned or born under human care.

Visitors can share their own memories of Pika, on the zoo’s social media accounts.


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