N.B. artist adds spin to Meghan Trainor song to support LGBTQ+ rights

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N.B. artist adds unique spin to Meghan Trainor song
WATCH: One New Brunswick artist has released his own version of a popular Meghan Trainor song in hopes of bringing people together. Shelley Steeves has more. – Aug 18, 2023

A New Brunswick artist has released his own version of a popular song he hopes will unite people of all genders and sexual identities.

From the moment performer and musical artist CJ Norris heard the lyrics to the song “Rainbow,” he said that it spoke to his heart in a way that he says brightened his soul.

“To not be afraid to show your colours, show your rainbow, whatever that special thing is that makes you you,” said Norris of Moncton, N.B.

Norris said he decided to release his own version of the song released by Meghan Trainor.

“It is a little corny, but I am a little corny,” he joked.

By producing and releasing his own video and “disco funk” version of the tune, he hopes it will help unite folks of all genders.

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“I just wanted to uplift people, not only people in the LGBTQ+ community or people who are questioning their identity, but anyone who needs a pick-me-up,” said Norris. “We feel like we have made so much progress as a society for LGBTQ+ rights, but things are on shaky ground in a lot of ways.”

In New Brunswick, the debate over Policy 713 he says feels like a bit of a step back. The changes would make it mandatory for teachers in the province to get parental consent before addressing students under 16 by a different name or pronoun.

“The controversy over this may be confusing them even more, adding maybe some shame to their self-exploration,” said Norris.

The song Norris hopes will help people release those feelings and embrace the journey to self-exploration.

Andrew Moore of Moncton is a music producer and wrote the music for the version now available on streaming platforms. He said that he hopes, “that people can take it and listen to it and that they will feel better about themselves,” said Moore.

Norris said that he also hopes the song will help unite people across the country, regardless of their beliefs.

“If they are uncertain how they feel about the queer community, maybe they think, ‘Oh, that made me feel really happy. Maybe there isn’t something so bad about letting people be who they are and loving them for that,” he said.


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