Murder victim’s father wonders if emergency app could have saved her life

CALGARY- More than five years have passed since his daughter was brutally murdered, but Jeff Buziak carries her memory with him every day.

“Every breathing moment of everyday and a lot of times during the night. I miss my baby more than anything else.”

Lindsay Buziak, a 24-year-old realtor, was killed while showing a house in Victoria, B.C.

“She was quite concerned, she’d expressed that to more people than just me,” Jeff Buziak said, of how Lindsay was feeling before heading over to the house. “She wasn’t comfortable with the situation.”

Buziak was found stabbed to death in the home, and to do this day no arrests have been made. Her father wonders if things could have been different, had she been able to call for help sooner.

“She had a phone, and a pocket dial went off, and [police] believe that was during the murder when she fell to the ground,” he says. “The friend answered the phone didn’t hear anything so hung up and didn’t think anything about it just thought it was a pocket dial.
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“As soon as the 911 call was made police were there in minutes but it was much too late. It was 30 minutes after she had been violated and executed.”

A number of emergency smart phone apps have hit the market in the years since Buziak’s death, in hopes the simple touch of a button could save someone’s life.

MyForce is one of them, which is enabled by simply opening the app. If the user is in danger, they only need to hit one button to send help.

“You’ll notice right on the screen.. sending alert.. my force team will start listening to the backround… anything to indicate I’m in danger,” explains Bob Alosio from MyForce.

If the alert is disabled the MyForce team will phone to make sure everything is OK. Otherwise, they will alert emergency crews to your GPS location.

Buziak says such technology could have saved his daughter.

“Even though it happened quite quickly she probably knew in an instant what was going on.”

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