Edmontonian opens up about attacks tied to domestic abuse accusations

Click to play video: 'Edmonton woman shares story of attack linked to domestic violence accusations: ‘He tried to cut my toes off’'
Edmonton woman shares story of attack linked to domestic violence accusations: ‘He tried to cut my toes off’
An Edmonton woman said she was violently attacked by her former partner while trying to leave a relationship that she said had turned abusive and controlling. Global News has hidden her identity in this video for her safety – Jun 26, 2023

WARNING: The details in this story come from a firsthand account of domestic violence and are graphic and disturbing.

EDITOR’S NOTE: None of the allegations below have been tested in court.

Police say an Edmonton man is still on the run after beating his domestic partner in repeated vicious attacks in April and May.

Police issued a warning about 26-year -old Jalal Arnaout on May 30, advising the public he is wanted on multiple warrants including aggravated assault, assault with a weapon, sexual assault and uttering threats.

Police said Arnaout should be considered armed and dangerous, and people should not engage with him.

Recently, the woman he allegedly victimized contacted Global News to share her experience, and to offer a warning to other women.

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Global News is not disclosing her identity as she is a victim of domestic violence.

Below are some excerpts from the firsthand account of her relationship that she provided Global News with. They details some of the abuse she said she endured. Her remarks have been abbreviated for clarity.

“I didn’t know his real name until we were together for a while. He told me a fake name and a fake age … We started dating. He was really normal at the beginning — he was overly nice to me almost.”

“He just started showing signs of being controlling. He would slowly isolate me — not let me hang out with my family or friends, not let me leave the house to get groceries or do anything.”

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“I realized that I can’t be with somebody who is like this … so I made the decision to leave and I had all of my things packed while he was gone.”

“Then he came back unexpectedly and he saw that I had been planning to leave him. And then that’s when the biggest abuse happened.”

“So he was just obviously just punching me, and he kicked me in my ribs several times … He tried to cut my toes off, but he couldn’t. So that’s when he stabbed me.”

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“I had cuts all over my face, and obviously a wound from the stab, and he stitched it up himself with a sewing needle.”

“While all that was going on, I was just thinking of every possible way I could leave, because I knew that if I stayed any longer with him, he would end up killing me … So the next morning he went to the store, and then as soon as he left, I … ran away.”

“Somebody ended up helping me and giving me their phone so I could call police and my parents … I was basically rushed to the hospital right away.”

“While I was in the hospital, I was still scared because I was scared that he was going to find me. But I was also just thankful that I was out of the situation.”

“They told me I had fractured ribs, a fractured jaw, I think. Well, my orbital bone around the eye was fractured, so I had to get surgery for that. And then obviously I had the stab wound, and I just I had a lot of bruising all over my body … I had a concussion.”

“When I first looked at myself in the mirror after everything happened, I couldn’t even recognize myself. I was just in a lot of shock.”

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“I think I was in the hospital for five days.”

“I knew from the first sign of abuse that we weren’t meant to be. I shouldn’t have stayed with him. I would say that as soon as you see any type of signs that you shouldn’t try to wait it out and see if it gets better, because it’s never going to get better. Somebody that’s abusive is always going to be abusive.”

“I’m just hoping that I can move on from everything. You know, I learned something from that. Now if I ever see any sign of abuse, I know to never stay with whoever is abusing me again.”

If you are experiencing domestic violence, support is available by calling the 24/7 Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters hotline at 1-866-331-3933.

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