Canine commute to dog park on Calgary school bus making tails wag with delight

Click to play video: 'Canine commute to dog park on Calgary school bus making tails wag with delight'
Canine commute to dog park on Calgary school bus making tails wag with delight
Watch: A Calgary family has created a unique business for dogs who love car rides and can't wait to get to the park. The entrepreneurial mother and son bought a bus to take your pet pooch to and from the park. Jill Croteau went along for the ride – Feb 3, 2023

It’s a different-looking bus traveling through the suburbs picking up some precious cargo. No, it’s not school-aged kids, but it’s coming to the doors of parents to take their fur babies for a ride.

Denzel Morrison, a dog trainer, and his mom, who runs a rescue, transformed a bus into a doggie daycare, Ruff and Puff.

Ruff and Puff bus. Jill Croteau/Global News

“It is a dream job. You really can’t get much better than hanging out with dogs all day. “

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I grew up with dogs and I’ve always loved dogs,” Morrison said. “Dogs are a little bit better than people in my books.”

He equipped the bus with harnesses to keep the dogs leashed in safely and installed small gates between the seats to keep them contained.

Dogs on the daycare bus. Jill Croteau/Global News

“We also have treats, lots of treats. Treats is the key,” Morrison said.

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Once they’re picked up, the passengers settle in for their final destination.

“If dogs could talk, it’s probably like the Secret Life of Pets stuff. They’re saying:’ Holy crap just get me off this bus I just want to go to the park.”

They’re released in a private gated park where they can run and play.

Fenced park where they play for an hour. Jill Croteau/Global News

“There are no strange dogs and it’s in a safe and controlled environment,” Morrison said.

Joanna Pannekoek’s puppy Jackson can hardly wait for the trip.

“He loves it when he can hear the bus he knows Denzel is coming and he’s psyched.”

“Having a new puppy and two kids, I was looking for creative ways to have a little bit of help and as I was searching, I came across this it seemed fake at first it’s so hilarious and now it’s part of our weekly routine,” Pannekoek said.

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Morrison currently only serves neighborhoods in the southeast but if there’s enough interest he can make stops in other quadrants of Calgary.

Morrison keeps the canines content with treats and lots of love. Jill Croteau/Global News

“Eventually I want to have my own spot, like a dog Disneyland and I will have one or two buses and just bring dogs from all over the city to my own area and have it be really awesome,” Morrison said.

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