Montreal group seeks return of the urban chicken

MONTREAL – They peck, preen, poop and produce eggs, and now a Montreal group is working to get them in city backyards.

Chickens have been banned in Montreal residences since 1966. Wednesday, environmental sustainability group CRAPAUD launched a petition asking for a public consultation on the issue and to ultimately overturn the ban.

"We want to convey a new image to the public on what it means to keep chickens," said the group’s spokesman Olivier Moreau. "We’re not saying everyone should have a chicken, but people who want to and who can do it properly should be able to."

"You get fresh eggs every morning and they’re so low-maintenance," explained farmer Melissa Pinsonneault-Craig.

"You can use vegetable scraps left over from your own meals to feed them and their defecation can be used as fertilizer."

As for concerns about the smell, Moreau compares a coop to a cat’s litter box.

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