Rob Ford still says he’s not resigning

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TORONTO – With a smile on his face, Rob Ford calmly informed reporters Saturday that he has no plans to step down as mayor of Toronto.

Ford’s remarks came as he made his way to a private meeting with Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly, to discuss concerns over recent events. Kelly says he hopes Ford will listen very carefully and look at the concerns “through the eyes of the people of Toronto, his colleagues on council and himself and his family.”

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Ford’s latest exchange with reporters was in stark contrast to his earlier encounter with the press this week, as a visibly flustered Mayor lashed out at reporters who had staked out his house Thursday morning. Later that day Police Chief Bill Blair acknowledged investigators have a video of the mayor depicting images “consistent with those that had been previously reported in the press.”

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Blair’s statement came with the revelation that since May, members of Toronto police had been investigating allegations of a video purporting to show Ford smoking what looked like crack cocaine. At the time, Ford called the allegations “ridiculous” and said he “cannot comment on a video [he has] not seen or does not exist.”

Blair’s public acknowledgement of the video came as court documents, shedding light on the Mayor’s relationship with alleged drug dealer Alexander “Sandro” Lisi, were released to the public

Mayoral geography: Map of key locations in the Lisi – Ford investigations

Though none of the statements in the documents have been proven in court, their release has elicited major reactions from Toronto’s public and politicians alike.

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Councillor James Pasternak called the events surrounding the mayor both “disappointing” and “disconcerting,” but stopped short in calling for the mayor’s resignation.

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However, other councillors say it is time for the mayor to step down.

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But Ford still has a few allies left at city hall.

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Councillor Doug Ford came to his brother’s defence Friday morning in an interview on AM640’s The John Oakley Show.

“Rob hasn’t been charged with anything. He hasn’t broken a law and he’s being convicted, he’s being convicted by the media. That’s not too hard to see,” said Ford.

Councillor Frank Di Giorgio also defended the mayor Thursday and said he isn’t going to rush to judgement.

As for his meeting with the deputy mayor, Kelly’s staff says the meeting with Ford will be private and no media update is expected until Monday.

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With files from Global News’ James Armstrong, Andrew Russell, David Shum and The Canadian Press

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