November 1, 2013 10:32 pm
Updated: November 1, 2013 10:37 pm

Langley resident finds pin in nieces’s Halloween candy

The Halloween candy. Credit: Tanya Verbeek.


It’s a reminder to check the candy your kids brought home from Halloween trick-or-treating yesterday.

Langley resident Tanya Verbeek says her brother-in-law found a pin in her nieces’s KitKat bar.

The family went trick-or-treating in Surrey, but it was not until they came home that they found the pin.

“My [brother-in-law] was kind of rifling through [the candy] to have a small snack,” says Verbeek, “when he saw a small hole in the wrapper, and when he opened it further, he found the pin.”

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She says it looks like a sewing pin. “It looks like somebody tried to push it in and then hand it out,” she says.

As Verbeek’s niece is not even two-years-old, she says the family is even  more shocked.

“Especially since she’s so young, maybe an older kid would have noticed, but she would put anything in her mouth,” she says.

Verbeek’s brother-in-law did call the non-emergency line this morning, but was told since they do not know what house the candy came from, police cannot pursue the matter further.

It is not known if the pin was put in the candy deliberately, but Verbeek just wants to caution other parents and caregivers to check the candy before their kids devour it.

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