Police seize more than $1.5 million in goods tied to organized retail theft ring in Halton Region

Photo of one of five trucks full of stolen items seized by police in a retail theft ring investigation. Police say an estimated $2 million dollars in stolen goods and currency were seized after a probe into a group operating in Halton Region.

Close to a dozen people are facing charges in connection with an organized retail theft ring operating in Halton and surrounding areas, say police.

An estimated $2 million in stolen goods and currency have been recovered after a lengthy investigation, dubbed “Project Kingfisher.”

Investigators say the three-month-long probe involves a group, using the name “Buynsel,” that allegedly targeted a variety of retailers and sold stolen items from stores through online platforms.

Stolen items included electronics, power tools, and beauty and personal care items.

More than a dozen locations in Brampton, including a warehouse, five residences, and multiple storage lockers were searched by police on Tuesday and stolen goods estimated to be in excess of $1.5 million were seized.

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Police also seized more than $600,000 in cash.

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Eleven people have been charged in the probe with 10 of the accused from the Brampton area and one residing in Toronto

“These thefts cost Canadian retailers billions of dollars a year, costs that are passed on to consumers when they go shopping,” said Halton Regional Police Superintendent Bob Gourley in a release.

“It’s also a near certainty that people purchasing these items online had no idea they were buying stolen goods.”

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