‘Significant amount’ of money found on sidewalk: Kelowna RCMP

A couple found three piles of cash along the 1300 block of Ellis Street on Oct. 15, with each pile lying around 100 yards from another. Global News / File

Did you lose a large amount of cash? If so, police in Kelowna, B.C., say it’s been turned in and is waiting to be picked up.

On Friday, the RCMP publicly thanked a Good Samaritan and her husband for finding “a significant amount of money” and notifying police.

The couple found the cash on a sidewalk along the 1300 block of Ellis Street on Oct. 15. RCMP say the woman waited a month before reporting the money to police, as she assumed something would be said on social media.

The couple also told police there were actually three significant piles of money on the sidewalk, each around 100 yards apart.

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The couple picked up one pile, an unidentified man grabbed another and police said it was unclear what happened to the third pile.

“This amount of money is an unusual find,” said Const. Mike Della-Paolera. “We are asking the person who may have lost it to come forward and claim it.”

“To be able to make a positive claim,” said Kelowna RCMP, “a person must identify the approximate value of the found money and reference file number 2022-71769.”

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