Metro Vancouver mayors ask for more information on Massey Tunnel replacement plan

The bridge replacement of the Massey Tunnel could have big ramifications on the entire region, says Port Coquitlam mayor Greg Moore.

The board of Metro Vancouver passed a recommendation today, looking for more information on how a new bridge would affect the entire region, from air quality to the status of Deas Island Park.

“A lot of questions haven’t been asked yet, and we really need to seek the answers to those questions before we take a position whether it’s good or not,” says Moore. “What’s the business case for this? And if we toll this bridge, what are the impacts to the other tolled bridges in the region.”

Moore says the board taken a position on the bridge at this time, but Delta Mayor Lois Jackson says she felt betrayed by the meeting.

“I think the truth is, that this is sort of subsidy to the industry,” says Ben West of Forest Ethics of the bridge plan.

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“There’s a plan to bring bigger ships through, and if you want to do that, you have to get rid of tunnel.”

“Is a bridge really the best solution? What if we just took a volume of cars out of the tunnel by providing public transit, would that solve the problem?” says Vivian Krause,  a local civic issues blogger.


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