WATCH: Cawston senior busted for pot

CAWSTON — Wayne Parker may not be your typical marijuana grower and smoker.

The 67-year-old man from Cawston says he relied on the drug for medicinal purposes.

A year ago, his motorcycle fell on top of him, breaking his leg and injuring his hip.

This left him in excruciating pain; that’s when he turned to medical marijuana.

“It just kind of takes my mind off of the pain,” says Parker.

He had up to 10 marijuana plants in his front yard, which faces a convenient store and is close by a primary school.

“He had several plants that were 5-6 feet tall, clearly visible from the street” says Constable Pamela Scheidl with the Keremeos RCMP.

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RCMP seized 10 kilograms of bud.

Sensible BC members say laws need to be changed for people like Parker, who rely on pot for medicinal purposes.

“Is he really a criminal? The guy is 67 years old. He has plates, screws in his leg and they arrest him?” questions Clancy Madden, a Sensible BC member.

Parker faces charges of producing and possessing marijuana.

His first court appearance is on December 11 in Penticton.

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