Incumbent Nolan Crouse elected mayor of St. Albert for third term

St. Albert mayor Nolan Crouse. Global News

EDMONTON – Incumbent Nolan Crouse has reclaimed his seat as mayor of St. Albert.

Crouse was re-elected Monday night with 55 per cent of the vote. Crouse’s only opponent was Shelley Biermanski.

ELECTION RESULTS: Click here for live St. Albert election results

While many in St. Albert weren’t surprised by the re-election, the campaign wasn’t without controversy. In the weeks prior to Election Day, the campaign took a nasty turn after several anonymous, third-party groups emerged against Crouse’s campaign.

‘St. Albert Insight’ and ‘The St. Albert Think Tank’ were among the groups that expressed concern with some of the City’s plans.

St. Albert Insight released a modified picture that showed Crouse sitting on a toilet, eluding to the fact that he’s throwing taxpayer’s dollars down the toilet. The Think Tank went as far as to put billboards on the streets of St. Albert, outlining which councillors and mayor voters should elect.

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Crouse didn’t let the negative energy stop him, though.

After sitting on council for three years, Crouse was elected mayor of St. Albert in 2007.

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