Quebec election 2022 results: Gouin

Global News is projecting Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois of Québec solidaire as winner of the Gouin riding. 

Gouin is a provincial riding located in Montreal. This riding is currently represented by Québec solidaire MNA Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois who first took office in 2017. Nadeau-Dubois collected 17,977 votes, winning 59.14 per cent of the vote in the 2018 Quebec provincial election.

Voters will decide who will represent Gouin in Montreal during the upcoming Quebec provincial election on Oct. 3, 2022. Visit this page on election night for a complete breakdown of up to the minute results.


Québec solidaire: Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois (Incumbent)

Coalition Avenir Québec: Catherine Pelletier

Liberal: Rita Ikhouane

Parti Québécois: Vincent Delorme

Parti Conservateur: Jayson Paquette Gendron

Parti Nul: Jean-Benoit Garneau-Bédard

Parti culinaire: Chef Thémis

Parti Vert: Valérie Vedrines


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