True Hamiltonian to unveil ‘Hollywood North’ collection at Supercrawl

The 'Hollywood North' line from True Hamiltonian will make a debut at Supercrawl in September. True Hamiltonian

A Hamilton clothing brand is set to unveil a new collection during Supercrawl showcasing the city’s growing film industry.

True Hamiltonian founder Max Francis says the “Hollywood North” T-shirt line was a collaboration with students a part of the Agency at Mohawk College and features “unique places” shot for TV shows and films in the city.

The ‘Hollywood North’ line from True Hamiltonian will make a debut at Supercrawl in September.

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“The idea was my idea, but they refined it,” Francis told 900 CHML’s Hamilton Today.

“They they came up with the location, they came up with the graphics, they were really good with turning the idea I had into something tangible.”

Eight different filming locations will be featured in the line printed on white, gray and black shirts available at the Supercrawl fashion stage as well as the True Hamiltonian booth during the street festival running Sept. 9-11.

“We’ve gotten orders from Japan, California, Texas, Germany, even South America,” said Francis.

“Literally, we actually have a map where we put little pins in where we’ve gotten people … buying our stuff. It’s insane … I don’t even know how they find us?”

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True Hamiltonian founder max Francis says the new ‘Hollywood North Line’ was a collaboration with students with the Agency at Mohawk College. True Hamiltonian

True Hamiltonian has been a fixture for close to a decade as a way for Francis to promote and represent the city.

He says the concept is really about the message and not so much the clothing.

“It’s just a really simple message, but it seems to resonate with everyone. We’ve had everything from celebrities to musicians to you name it,” remarked Francis about those who choose to wear the brand.


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