Regina police warn of new scam with victims being threatened

Regina Police Service vehicle
A new scam is making the rounds in Regina where victims are having their lives threatened. File / Global News

The Regina Police Service is warning of a new scam that has made its way to the Queen City.

Officers said they’ve had reports in the past week from people saying their lives and safety are being threatened by unknown people online.

Police describe the scenarios as a received text from someone identifying themselves as the president of an escort company, and accusing the victim of using the escort service without paying.

The sender will then demand payment and threaten the victim, saying if they don’t pay, the lives of the victim and their family are in danger.

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Officers said victims will also receive photos from the sender showing graphic images of victims of violent assaults and homicide, and photos and videos of armed, masked men.

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“The Regina Police Service reminds the public to be calm and objective when reading or hearing unsolicited messages. Perpetrators always try to create urgency, anxiety and even fear in their victims, no matter what type of scam it is,” read the advisory from the Regina Police Service.

“Assess the information contained in the call or message; do not add your personal information when someone asks for, or demands, it. Do not make payment. Make a report with your local police service if you have concerns for your safety, if you feel you have been a victim of a scam, or if you have suffered a financial loss as the result of a scam.”

The Regina Police Service said more general information about scams and fraud can be found on the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre website.

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