New workplace survey shows employees looking for flexibility

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Workplace Satisfaction Survey
As some companies are starting to work from the office again, a survey shows what employees are looking for in their current and new jobs. – Jul 30, 2022

With companies moving to in-office work, a new survey done by Maru Public Opinion in June shows the majority of employees want workplace flexibility.

“When we did the survey in 2021, in September, which was just 9 months ago, 33% of Canadians said that flexible working was the most important factor to them,” said Ed Yuen, ADP strategy and HR vice president.

Now nearly 71 percent of workers say the importance of workplace flexibility is a key factor in finding a new job.

Of the 1,500 people polled, nearly a quarter of Canadians changed jobs recently.

“You’re able to work from home or remotely and be as productive. In fact, you might even be more productive (at home) now that you have more time in your day,” said Yuen.

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Some employees say they’re considering changing jobs in the next six months, with 88 per cent saying compensation is their biggest priority.

A Saskatoon business coach believes compensation has nothing to do with it, but instead people are realizing what they want.

“I do believe it helps people begin to realize for themselves what is most valuable for them,” said Jacqueline Almeida, Alpha and Omega Strategies owner.

The survey also shows 93 per cent of Canadian workers appear to be satisfied with their job and workplace environment, even though many of those workers are new to their roles.

Almeida believes this due to the excitement of starting a new job.

“It’s a relief sometimes, I found a job, I got a job, and it’s definitely exciting. And like anything in life you have to go through all the stages of what that represents, and initially you’ve got the honeymoon stage,” said Almeida.

Although this is good news for employers, Yuen says it’s now time for employers to appreciate and focus on employees who have been working in their roles for a significant amount of time.

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“While many Canadians find themselves in a new job, employers also need to put the focus on those who stayed in their roles. It’s now time for the ‘Great Recognition’ and to build a culture of appreciation,” said Yuen.

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