Park Life: A look at how the media reports on politics at Queen’s Park

ABOVE: Park Life: A look at how Ontario’s media covers politicians at Queen’s Park. 

Covering politics at Queen’s Park comes with a long list of rules and regulations that sometimes make very little sense.

For example, if you want to tape what’s known as an on camera standup, you can’t do it standing on the front steps of the building under the distinctive arches. Also, cameras are only allowed to record proceedings in the legislature from the balcony above the Speaker’s gallery, even though members of the media can observe proceedings from the other end of the chamber.

These rules aren’t written down anywhere, they are just understood by the long serving members of the press gallery.

In our new feature ‘Park Life,’ Alan Carter takes a look at how reporters cover politicians at Queen’s Park, and what happens when you break one of the rules.

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