Alberta’s most popular baby names of 2021: Olivia and Noah hold top spots

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Alberta’s most popular baby names of 2021
Olivia and Noah were once again the most popular baby names in Alberta in 2021. – Jun 27, 2022

Olivia and Noah are once again the most popular baby names in Alberta.

The province released the top baby names of 2021 on Monday morning.

Topping the list for the most popular girl’s name is Olivia. The name has been atop the girl’s list every year since 2013 — tying the record for the longest any name has spent at No. 1. Ethan is the name that ties the record with Olivia.

Noah held onto the top spot for baby boys for the third consecutive year. (See the Top 10 list for boys and girls below).

There were 49,938 babies born in Alberta in 2021 — 25,714 boys and 24,219 girls. There were also five babies born with genders not stated in the initial registration.

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“I want to congratulate everyone who welcomed a new addition to their family in 2021,” Service Alberta Minister Nate Glubish said in news release.

“After a challenging couple of years, the birth of a baby is something we can all celebrate.”

Some of the less popular names include Archangel, Chickadee, Tuba and Jocko.

Baby names presumably inspired by vehicles also made the list: Audi, Benz, Royce, Chevy and Mercedes.

Baby names tied to locations include Monaco, Scotland, Denver, Brisbane and Nairobi.

There were also baby names with rock music inspiration, including Zeppelin, Jagger and Jethro.

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Olivia, Noah top list of Ontario’s most popular baby names for 2020

Notable moments for 2021

Evelyn and Henry cracked the Top 10 lists for the first time in 2021.

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For the first time since 1993, Emily dropped out of the Top 10 list for girls. Emily is No. 14 on the 2021 list.

Top 10 girl names

  1. Olivia (210)
  2. Charlotte (166)
  3. Ava (165)
  4. Emma (163)
  5. Amelia (160)
  6. Sophia (137)
  7. Isla (135)
  8. Abigail (120)
  9. Evelyn (119), Chloe (119)
  10. Aria (112)

Top 10 boy names

  1. Noah (274)
  2. Jack (219)
  3. Oliver (208)
  4. Liam (197)
  5. Theodore (191)
  6. William (174)
  7. Ethan (162)
  8. Levi (148)
  9. Benjamin (147)
  10. Henry (146)

The full list of baby girl names and baby boy names can be found on the government’s website.

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