Nova Scotia man wins $1M after buying one ‘extra’ lottery ticket

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Marcel Lussier received a cheque for $70 million on Friday after winning the LottoMax jackpot draw earlier this week in Quebec. Lussier told reporters “It was a normal day like any other,” he said. “No stress.” – Jun 10, 2022

A Cape Breton man is $1 million richer after purchasing one extra ticket for the Lotto Max last month.

Greg Abbass from New Waterford, N.S., regularly buys one ticket for every Lotto Max draw.

But on May 31, the draw was for a $70-million jackpot along with 33 Maxmillions, additional $1 million prizes, so Abbass decided to buy one extra ticket. It turned out to be a lucky one.

The extra ticket was a winner for one of the Maxmillions.

“When I first spotted it, it was unreal. I didn’t sleep for two days and I was right off the wall,” Abbass said in an Atlantic Lottery news release.

“Now, I’m back down to earth and I’m so happy.”

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Abbass is retired and lives on a pension on Cape Breton Island. He said it’s nice having the extra cash in his pocket.

“I can afford things I could never afford before,” Abbass said.

Though he said he wants to upgrade his car with the prize money, he won’t be spending it all on himself. The lucky winner plans to help out his family and treat his friends.

“In true Atlantic Canadian fashion, Abbass is looking forward to celebrating his big win over a feast of lobster with his friends and family,” read the release.

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