Drivers asked to keep eyes peeled for Alberta highway clean-up volunteers

Youth volunteers will be de-littering Alberta's ditches on May 7, 2022. Global News

RCMP are asking Alberta drivers to keep their eyes peeled for volunteers cleaning up provincial highways this weekend.

Youth groups across the province will be picking up trash on Saturday as part of Alberta Transportation’s 46th annual Highway Cleanup Campaign from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Locations of the volunteers will be posted along the sides of the highways to warn drivers of their presence.

“Please drive safely, make sure you’re paying attention and leave your phone alone,” said Sgt. Darrin Turnbull. “You can expect to see them on pretty much any highway here in the province of Alberta, trying to clean it up.”

The RCMP will also increase patrols across provincial highways to enforce traffic safety and prevent speeding in these areas.


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