“Milk bank” at BC Women’s Hospital the longest operating in Canada

The Milk Bank at BC Women’s Hospital is the longest operating milk bank in Canada.

Since 2000, the demand for milk has increased every year. Research clearly shows the benefits of mother’s milk. Nothing can replace mother’s own milk for her own baby. However, when mother’s own milk is unavailable or insufficient, pasteurized donor milk is the next best choice. Particularly for infants born prematurely, human milk makes a major difference in the baby’s ability to survive and thrive. A devastating bowel disease call necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) is 3-10 times more likely in premature and high risk infants who are not fed human milk. The cost savings from preventing this one disease in one baby is enough to pay for the operation of a small milk bank for a year!

The popularity of the program has prompted Fraser Health to open several drop-off locations in their region. Hopefully, this will encourage more moms to become donors.

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