‘Road Closed’ signs are not just a suggestion, police warn

The Springfield Police Service says its officers have spotted several people attempting to move or drive around clearly marked barricades. Will Ludwick / Global News

If drivers happen upon a ‘road closed’ sign, it’s there for a reason.

That’s the message from the Springfield Police Service, which says its officers have spotted several drivers attempting to move or drive around barricades on clearly marked roads east of Winnipeg.

“At first I thought they must have been (with the) Highways (department), because it seems like a silly idea to do,” said Constable Jesse Zillman, gesturing to a washed out section of Deacon Road, barely held together by a thin layer of asphalt.

Constable Jesse Zillman with the Springfield Police Service. Will Ludwick / Global News

“But I came up and spoke with them, learned that they were not in fact with Highways and that they were trying to get through the closed area. While I was speaking with them, another vehicle started moving around the barriers.”

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Constable Zillman later took to social media to remind people not to tamper with the barricades.

“We don’t want to get called to a vehicle going through here. It would be a very dangerous situation for the driver and for our responders,” Constable Zillman said.

“We ask that people respect the signs and find a detour.”

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On top of the obvious danger, Constable Zillman pointed out there could be legal consequences. Disobeying or tampering with road signs are offences.

Later in the day, the Springfield Police Service made another post to social media, advising that a number of roads are closed throughout the area due to flooding.


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