Officers capture moment puppy is pulled from debris after Russian shelling

Click to play video: 'Russia-Ukraine conflict: Rescuers pull puppy alive from the rubble in Donetsk'
Russia-Ukraine conflict: Rescuers pull puppy alive from the rubble in Donetsk
Rescuers digging with their bare hands pulled a puppy alive from the rubble of a building, a video released by the Donetsk Regional Police showed on Wednesday – Apr 14, 2022

It’s a rare, heartwarming moment to come out of a harrowing warzone.

A video shared by Donetsk Regional Police in Ukraine shows police officers working quickly to save a tiny puppy from a pile of rubble, reuniting the dog with its 77-year-old owner.

The video shows the aftermath of Russian shelling that left homes in the village of Mikhailovka, Donetsk region in ruins.

According to police, the man’s home was destroyed, but he miraculously survived the attack.

The officers, who arrived on scene shortly after the shelling ended, heard the squeals of the puppy coming from under a pile of concrete ruins.

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They frantically dug through a dense pile of rubble and dust and pulled out a dirty, but alive, black and white puppy.

Donetsk Regional Police shared the post to Facebook earlier this week, confirming the rescue.

In the translated post, they wrote that the man “was desperate to see his four-legged friend. Law enforcement officers did not give up hope of finding him.”

“The owner and his dog were given medical care. All is well with them.”

Police finished their statement with: “Russia’s war crime is documented. They will be responsible before the law for every rocket and shell released on civilians.”

Watch the rescue and adorable reunion above.


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