Teen says gaming headset saved his life from stray bullet

A stock photo of a gamer wearing headphones, playing video games late at night. Stock photo / Getty Images

A video game-loving teen has his headset to thank for saving his life from a stray bullet.

Johnathan Gonzalez, an 18-year-old from Torrence, Calif., told ABC News he was listening to music and chatting with friends on his PlayStation in the early morning hours on March 30 when he felt something hit his head.

“It felt like if you’re wearing a bike helmet, and someone just smacks the top of your head,” Gonzalez told the network.

Confused, he looked up and saw his curtains ripped down. That’s when he discovered a bullet hole in his bedroom window.

Gonzalez shared his story of the ordeal on Reddit, in a post titled “Razer saved my life.”

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“A stray bullet went through my window and hit the Razer headphones on top of my head,” wrote the teen. “If it wasn’t for the headphones made with good quality I would’ve been a dead kid at the age of 18. I couldn’t even imagine all the pain my family and friends would’ve been through.”

He also shared photos of the headset with an apparent bullet hole, as well as photos of a hole in the glass of his bedroom window and a photo of the stray bullet on his bed, where he says it landed after ricocheting off a nearby wall.

According to CBS, responding police officers from nearby Los Angeles weren’t able to find a shooter in the area and said the bullet likely wasn’t fired from close range.

“It’s still a trigger for me to process the thought that I could’ve lost my son. We were asleep, and if it did hurt him, we would not have known until we woke up hours later,” Janet Popoca, the teen’s mother, told NBC News.

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Gonzalez told NBC that his mind keeps going back to the incident.

“Minding my own business in my own room, and I could’ve been gone. Just thinking about it for the first week made me sick,” he said.

Razer sent Gonzalez a brand new headset after learning of the incident.

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